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We are able to produce any customised detail and, since the formulation of the powders takes place within the company, we are able to offer high quality products at competitive prices. The main characteristic that sets us apart is certainly our extreme flexibility, which ensures our customers full availability, even at the planning stage, and rapid responses. In addition, we produce a wide range of ceramic powders, including alumina in various contents, magnesium oxide, zirconium yttrium and magnesium zirconium, alcor, steatite and various types of composite. This allows us to find the best solution to meet our customers’ requirements.

In addition to the production of bushings, valve seats, wire components and pistons, we also produce a wide range of products, including zirconium oxide rings, used in the production of hermetic seals, as well as a wide range of alumina components, in particular sealing rings, nozzles, plates, mixer discs, insulators for electrotechnical applications such as high vacuum pumps and current converters, etc.

Also at Redco, we do not limit our production to insulators and ceramic cores, but complement it with the production of tubes and microtubes, end caps, nozzles, strips and sealing rings.

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