Once again this year, HT-CeramGroup participated in the Achema fair in Frankfurt, one of the leading international trade fairs for the process industry, where the latest technological innovations and industry trends are showcased. The theme of the ACHEMA 2024 fair in Frankfurt was “Inspiring Sustainable Connections.” This theme reflects the

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Internal training – an activity that has been present in the company for many years – has always offered us numerous and significant advantages, including: skill development, promotion of company culture, and business agility. It is now an integral part of our internal strategy, and we strongly believe it to

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The advantages of Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 has been in our company for some years now, and with its emphasis on digital interconnection, intelligent automation, and data utilization, it daily offers us incredible benefits, even ecosystemic ones! Here are some of them: Increased operational efficiency: Automation of our industrial processes has allowed us to reduce

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The sectors of advanced technical ceramics

Advanced ceramics represent a category of technical materials that combine exceptional properties such as high temperature resistance, hardness, chemical resistance, and electrical insulation with a wide range of industrial applications. These materials are obtained through sophisticated production processes and leverage the unique properties of ceramic materials to meet diverse needs

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HT CeramGroup starts the new year with a new energy, a new communication asset, many challenges for the whole team and a section of the new website dedicated to news. Within this page you will find stories of internal corporate life, reports of national and international fairs, some focus on

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Siamo una realtà italiana presente nel mercato internazionale delle ceramiche industriali.

Da oltre 30 anni sviluppiamo elementi ceramici tecnici garantendo un know how specifico, oltre che solidità, continuità e ricerca.

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