H.T.C. produces pistons and dosing systems in different materials, exclusively according to customer drawings, guaranteeing maximum customisation. Our ceramic pistons have been used successfully for years by the most renowned pump manufacturers. They provide high resistance to chemical attack, low inertia and high wear resistance, as well as a surface topography that ensures smooth running of the gaskets, thus increasing their tightness and service life, and drastically reducing maintenance on wear parts.

We can supply pistons complete with metal parts, in accordance with customer requirements, using different fastening systems: hollow cylinder pistons with through-bolt; blind bore pistons with internal clamping nut; blind bore pistons mounted with thick or thin-film adhesives; hot-rolled pistons.

Our pistons are intended for different types of pumps, such as pressure washer pumps, medium and high pressure pumps and metering pumps.

Alongside pistons, also in the pump sector, HTC also produces ceramic shafts. They are intended for circulation pumps for heating systems.

The pistons are therefore intended for various applications in a variety of sectors, ranging from industrial, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, etc. and can be made of alumina, zirconium yttrium, magnesium zirconium or zircalox.

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